how much do junkremoval companies charge

Junk removal companies charge a variety of fees. These fees include permits and landfill fees. The exact amount depends on the location and accessibility of your junk. A junk removal company on the fourth floor of a building will charge you more than one on the first floor, for example. Read on to learn more about the fees that junk removal companies charge and how you can compare rates.

Costs of junk removal services

The costs of junk removal services vary depending on where you live and the type of junk you have. Larger jobs may require several trips to the dump, which adds to the cost. In addition, gas prices can be an additional factor. Make sure you are comfortable with the pricing before hiring a junk removal service.

Most junk removal services charge by volume, so if you have larger quantities of junk, the price will be higher. Some companies charge by the cubic yard, while others charge by the truckload. The price of junk removal may also be based on the weight of the debris. Larger pieces of junk may require a larger truck, so you should ask the company for their pricing before you hire them.


Estimates of how much junk removal companies will charge for their services are a key part of business. Estimates are based on the total cost of the job and should include all the costs involved in the job. This includes the time, materials, and equipment. In addition, you should factor in the profit margin. The more you charge, the more profit you’ll have, so be sure to set your prices appropriately.

For example, removal of one large appliance can cost around $100 or more, depending on the zip code and distance traveled. Likewise, removal of one or two pieces of miscellaneous junk can cost up to $70 to $600, depending on the size and quantity. Some companies, like Junk King, offer a pricing estimator online that will give you an accurate final price. As with any other business, the amount of money you pay will depend on a number of factors, including how big the load is and how much time it takes to remove it.


If you want to run a junk removal business, you will need a business license and a permit. These requirements vary depending on your city and state. Before starting your business, it is best to research the regulations in your area. For example, hazardous waste and large items may require additional permits. In addition, you will need to familiarize yourself with local disposal facilities. Having this knowledge will help you price jobs more accurately.

You can scout the market to understand which companies are already in business. You can find out more about their pricing structures, clientele and employee count by using Google or social media. Make sure you understand your competition so you can compete with them.

Landfill fees

When comparing junk removal companies, the cost of landfill fees can vary significantly. The landfill fees are paid by the company to the state and the city where the junk is disposed of. These fees can add up to a substantial amount for an average junk removal company. The fees you will pay are calculated based on how much junk the company is expected to remove from your home.

Most companies charge set fees for the disposal of household items, including appliances, bedding, and mattresses. The rates will vary from region to region, but a typical household appliance disposal costs between $100 and $350. Large pieces of furniture, such as three-piece sectional sofas or a dining room set, may cost an additional $150 to $300. Additionally, if the items contain hazardous materials, the company must pay a special permit to dispose of them.

Size of the load

Estimating the size of the load is a key factor when hiring a junk removal company. A number of factors affect the size and weight of the load, including the amount of material that needs to be removed, the type of material and its location. When estimating the size of a load, consider the weight of the debris as well as its volume to get an accurate price.

The most common pricing method used by junk removal franchises is volume-based pricing. In this method, a price is quoted based on fractions of a truckload and can range from the minimum of a truckload to a full truckload. When choosing a junk removal franchise, choose one that has experienced team leaders who can accurately measure the load size. However, beware of companies with less experienced team members, as they may misquote.