The junk hauling cost depends on the type of waste and how much it weighs. Junk haulers will charge more for items that are heavy or bulky, such as old appliances, furniture and electronics.

The average junk removal cost ranges from $200 to $250, depending on the company and the volume of items. Most companies price by volume, with a one-eighth truckload minimum.

A full truckload of junk can be as big as 400 to 450 cubic feet, which is a lot of stuff. This is why it can be challenging to estimate the actual junk hauling cost before you hire a company.

In addition to the weight and size of the junk, the junk hauling cost will also depend on the distance from your home or business to the junk removal company’s truck. If the junk hauler has to drive a long way, the price can increase significantly.

Junk haulers are responsible for ensuring that the junk they remove is disposed of in accordance with local laws. This means avoiding toxic chemicals and hazardous materials, such as freon.

If the junk is in good condition, it can be donated to charity for free. Charitable organizations accept furniture, household goods, clothing and other materials that you no longer need.

Other ways to cut junk hauling costs include repurposing your items, listing them for sale, or getting rid of them through a trash or recycling company. By utilizing these services, you can save money on junk removal and keep your home or office clutter-free.