The cost of junk hauling varies depending on the size of the project, the type of items that need to be removed and where it’s being done. If you’re looking for a quote, many companies have online pricing estimators. Others require an on-site inspection and will give you a price once they see the items in person.

The Cost of Getting Junk Removed: Where to Look For the Best Rates

The average junk removal cost is between $160 and $350, although it can go as high as $750 or higher for a large project. It’s important to get several quotes before choosing a company, as different companies charge differently and can have special fees for removing construction debris or metal.

A professional company will usually charge by the truckload for larger loads of trash, but some junk services have flat fees for a single item, such as a mattress or refrigerator. They may also have special disposal fees for certain types of garbage, such as e-waste or broken electronics.

Your City’s Rubbish Policies & Disposal Fees:

The cost of junk removal varies by the state and town in which it is being done. The municipality will have specific regulations and laws that junk needs to follow before it can be disposed of. It may also have a one-time or annual permit that will be required.

Labor costs will vary based on the number of workers and their experience level. In addition, the amount of time they’ll be on site will affect their rates.