Junk hauling prices vary widely. They depend on the size of the load, the type of junk you have, and how often it will be removed. Some services offer discounts for removing large items, while others will price based on weight.

Cost to Dump at Landfill: $100+ (average)

A major factor in determining junk removal prices is the amount of space the items take up in a truck. Junk companies that charge based on volume will be more expensive than those who don’t.

Furniture: Typically, furniture is expensive to dispose of because of the labor required and trucks needed to move it. A typical load can run $120 to $250.

Donate, Sell, Give Away:

The best way to reduce junk removal costs is to donate or sell the items you no longer want. Taking these items to local thrift stores, a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, or a shelter can be a great way to support your community while also getting a tax-deductible receipt.

Dumpster Rental:

If your project is too large for a garbage pickup, you may consider renting a dumpster. These can be rented for a week or more, depending on the size you choose, and will usually range from $300 to $615.

While a lot of waste isn’t useful or usable, most junk companies will recycle or responsibly dispose of it instead of sending it to a landfill. This will help save the environment and reduce the overall junk removal cost.