Junk hauling prices vary by location.

The cost of junk removal depends largely on the volume and weight of items that need to be removed, as well as the distance that the junk must travel to the destination. The type of junk that is to be removed also influences the price. For example, objects that are difficult to move, such as an old water heater, will cost more to dispose of than smaller items like furniture and boxes.

Companies charge different rates for single-item pricing and truckload pricing. If you have a lot of stuff to be removed, it may make sense to pay by the truckload.

When hiring a company, ask for an estimate of the total price of the job and compare it to other junk removal services in your area. Ideally, get estimates from at least three junk haulers before committing to anything.

Junk King offers multiple ways to get a quote, including on-site estimates, online pricing estimators, texting a photo of the junk and talking to a representative. The company also offers a guarantee that its junk removal rates are lower than those of any competitor’s quote.

College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving bases its pricing on the volume of items to be hauled away, your location and additional fees for extra labor or disposal. Its pricing is transparent and it recycles or responsibly disposes of 70 percent of the items that it collects, working with Goodwill Industries and Habitat for Humanity ReStore to donate two meals to hungry children for every service that it completes.