Junk hauling prices vary by type of junk, volume and disposal method. A professional service may charge by the truckload or offer flat fees for one item. Some companies will also take e-waste and construction debris, which may have additional disposal costs.

Costs are determined by the quantity and types of trash you need hauled away, as well as the company’s labor and equipment costs. The size of your job is another consideration, as larger jobs can involve multiple trips to the disposal site.

Permit fees and gas costs are also important to consider, as they can increase the price of a junk removal job. The location of the junk disposal site can also affect the final cost.

Common Junk Items and Garbage

Old appliances, furniture, yard waste and other junk can be difficult to dispose of and should not be thrown in the trash without professional help. Appliances that contain refrigerant or other hazardous materials require special disposal methods, which can be expensive.

Construction Debris and Other Large Junk

Construction waste and other debris that is not recycled or composted can also be costly to dispose of. Some local governments and landfills have special programs to dispose of this kind of debris, so it is important to ask about these services before dumping any trash.

Junk removal can be a cost-effective way to get rid of the clutter in your home. Some services charge by the cubic foot, while others will give you an estimate based on the total volume of the junk you want to remove. Typically, professionals will combine several customers’ loads in a single trash run. This allows them to save money by reducing the amount of fuel they use.