Junk Hauling: The Pros

Today there are a new wave of professional junk haulers that meet high standards and customer expectations. These include clean trucks, a clean well dressed crew, licensing, insurance and a professional appearance.

They will dispose of your trash and items in a responsible manner that does not harm the environment. They will donate or recycle items in good condition and dispose of anything that is deemed hazardous.

Costs for junk removal vary based on the type of waste, how big and heavy it is, the distance it travels and the number of vehicles in your area. You can expect to pay around $100 per load of trash and $200 for a full truckload.

Schedule the Hauling on a Clear Day

The best way to avoid getting your junk hauled away in the rain is to schedule it on a clear day when you will be home during the whole process. This will ensure that they are not rushing you and will allow them to take as much time as needed.

Donations and Recycling

When you hire a junk hauler, make sure to let them know about any donations or recycled items that you have. Many junk haulers have a relationship with local charities and will be happy to drop off your donations at the same time as they haul away your garbage.

In addition, junk hauling companies should be aware of the laws that govern the disposal of hazardous materials and chemicals. If your junk is not properly disposed of, you may end up paying fines or having to clean up the mess later.