Junk hauling is the process of removing junk and debris from homes and businesses. It can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive project that requires knowledge of proper disposal, laws surrounding the removal of specific items and specialized vehicles.

Homeowners often need to remove old furniture, appliances and other bulky items from their properties. These items can be difficult and dangerous to move on their own, and they can also create clutter in a home.

Thankfully, there are junk removal services that can help homeowners get rid of these items and declutter their homes at the same time. In most cases, these companies will come to your property with a truck fitted with a dumpster in the back and haul away all of your unwanted items.

The price of junk removal varies depending on the amount of items that need to be hauled, as well as the distance from your location. Professional junk haulers will typically provide a more accurate estimate when you have them come out and review your junk in person.

Some junk removal companies specialize in eco-friendly disposal, which includes recycling some items and donating others. This helps reduce waste, energy consumption and prevents plastics from entering the ocean.

A good junk removal service should also provide you with a list of what can be recycled and where they prefer to drop off your items. This will make it easier for you to figure out which items are worth donating or which can be sent to a landfill.