Which company is the best for sameday junk removal prices

There are a number of companies that offer same-day junk removal prices. College Hunks, LoadUp, and Junk King are some of them. Each charges for the amount of space that your items take up in the truck. Which one is the best for you?

College Hunks

College Hunks is a leading junk removal company that offers services to residential and commercial customers. For every job performed, the company donates two meals to Feeding Children Everywhere. The company is known for providing high-quality service at affordable prices.

They are available for local and long distance moves. They provide manpower services for packing and unpacking as well as junk removal. They also clean out garages, attics, and basements. They recycle up to 70% of the waste they collect and dispose of it responsibly.


LoadUp is a service that provides junk removal services. Its crews are trained and insured to safely remove your unwanted items. They also perform background checks on their employees and have GPS tracking systems so that you can track their arrival. When you call for service, they will call you as soon as they arrive and provide a confirmation number and ETA.

LoadUp charges per item, and you can track their trucks via a smartphone app. The pricing for LoadUp is competitive with the other leading junk removal companies. You’ll receive a quote that includes taxes and associated fees in the city you’re in, and you won’t have to pay hidden fees or a second estimate.

Junk King

If you need same-day junk removal prices in your area, you need to find the right company. Luckily, there are several companies that offer junk removal. These companies specialize in different types of junk, such as e-waste, which can cause a range of environmental hazards and health problems. E-waste is made up of used electronics and other items that cannot be used anymore. Junk King’s recycling facility helps to recycle these materials and send them to charitable organizations.

Junk King has an excellent website with detailed information about their service, including price estimates. They also allow customers to contact them by phone, text, or online to get free quotes. The company has many positive reviews, which should give prospective customers confidence in the quality of their service.

Junk King charges by the amount of space your stuff takes up in the truck

The price of hiring Junk King for your junk removal depends on the size and type of the items you have and how much space they take up in the truck. You can also choose to pay per item or by the truckload. For example, the first item you have removed may cost $79, but subsequent items cost less. For example, removing a washing machine or a dryer can cost $50 to $129, depending on the size and location.

You can get a quote for junk removal by using the Junk King website. The site offers detailed information and a price estimator tool. You can even book a date and time that works best for you. The website also allows you to contact Junk King by phone, text, or online.


If you want to get rid of junk fast, 1-800-GOT-JUNK is the company to call. You can schedule a pickup time and date in advance, or call anytime during business hours. However, be sure to call early for same-day service. Same-day appointments can be tough to get, especially on the weekends.

If you have a big pile of junk to get rid of, 1-800-GOT-JUNK is the company to call. They will send you a specialized truck and crew in blue uniforms. Before taking your junk away, they will help you move it to a convenient location. They also do their best to recycle and repurpose materials whenever possible.