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Save Time & Stress: Trusted Junk Removal Near Me in Puyallup

Looking for reliable junk removal near me? Look no further than Busy Bees Junk Removal. Our appearance in your search results is backed by Google’s endorsement, solidifying our credibility. Proudly serving the Puyallup region, we’re a local, veteran family-run business. Getting an estimate or an in-person quote is simple – you can either book online or give us a call. We’re all about convenience, and whenever possible, we offer same-day junk removal for swift service.

It’s important to mention that our comprehensive quote covers both labor and disposal fees, primarily determined by the space your junk occupies in our spacious dump truck. We’ve streamlined our junk hauling process to be hassle-free and easy to navigate.

Beyond our core services, Busy Bees Junk Removal has a meaningful mission. With each customer we assist, we’re making a positive impact by donating to the Puyallup food bank. This contribution provides 20 nutritious meals to our beloved community members. This reflects our strong commitment to not only decluttering spaces but also brightening the lives of those around us.

In your quest for junk removal near me, remember that Busy Bees Junk Removal is here with comprehensive quotes, convenient service, and a compassionate mission to make a difference.

Full service Junk Removal Near Me - The Items We Take

Choosing a local full-service junk removal company means you get lower pricing, resulting in your saving. Local operations have reduced fuel and labor costs due to shorter drive times.

Our team is adept at hauling away various items, from appliances like refrigerators and AC units to pianos and hot tubs. We also efficiently handle construction waste and general trash. Our comprehensive service, be it items from upstairs, the basement, or the garage, encapsulates all disposal labor in our transparent quote.

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Furniture Removal

Hoarder Clean Up

trash Removal

Local Junk Removal Near Me in Puyallup

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When you look up “junk removal near me” and pick a local company like Busy Bees Junk Removal, you’re supporting a business in your community. Local junk removals usually have a smaller starting cost. Make sure your quote covers all the extra charges. Unlike big franchise companies that have to pay for ads and franchise fees, local junk removal services like ours can help you save money.

FAQ's on using Junk Removal Near Me

What's the best junk removal company near me?

When you’re looking for reliable junk removal, think about Busy Bees Junk Removal. We’re located in the heart of Puyallup and proudly run by a local family of veterans. Because we’re local, we can offer better prices compared to big franchise companies.

But we do more than just take away junk. With every customer we help, there’s a positive impact – a part of what we earn goes to the Puyallup Food Bank, providing twenty meals. In fact, in 2022, we donated over 26,000 meals through this effort.

Now, about our team: they’re not only experts at what they do, but they also care about the environment. To show our connection to the Puyallup community, we’ve volunteered to clean up Canyon Rd and its intersections.

So, choosing Busy Bees means you’re picking a service that’s great at what it does and is always working to make the community better.

Junk removal near me in Puyallup

How much does Junk removal cost?

If you’re wondering about the cost of junk removal, especially when you’re looking for “junk removal near me” in Puyallup, there are some important things to consider.

Interestingly, Puyallup has one of the highest average junk removal costs in the country. Our pricing starts with a basic rate for one item, and then the cost depends on how many items you have. If you look closely at our prices, you’ll see that they’re decided based on both how much space the items take up and how heavy they are in our dump truck.

It’s good to know that every estimate we give you includes the cost of both the work and getting rid of the junk. Plus, because we’re a local family business with veterans, choosing us can save you around 20-30% compared to bigger companies.

When we’re all done clearing your clutter, our team can take payments using debit or credit cards. And to make things clear and easy, we’ll send you a receipt by text or email so you know everything’s taken care of.

What does Busy Bees junk Removal do with the debris?

At Busy Bees Junk Removal, we take care of getting rid of the things you don’t want anymore in a responsible way. Our main goal is ensuring only a small part of your junk goes to landfills. We do this by giving things away, recycling, finding new uses, or using them again whenever possible.

When you entrust us with your junk removal needs, it’s worth noting that our methodologies are steeped in eco-consciousness. Consequently, our disposal practices are designed with the environment at heart. Delving deeper into the process, we meticulously categorize your items: from recycled metals and commingled recyclables to reusable articles and those that can be repurposed, like aged furniture ripe for restoration or items fit for donation.

However, there have been instances where our attempts to donate are met with challenges. Occasionally, donation centers might decline items due to their size or because they’ve maxed out their intake capacity for that period.

In scenarios where items hold a resale value, we take the initiative to list them. Notably, a segment of the proceeds from such sales directly benefits the Puyallup Food Bank. Should an item remain unsold after a month, our protocol ensures it is either recycled or dispatched to the dump.

Who offers free junk removal for seniors?

In the world of taking care of waste, it’s not very common for companies to give seniors free ways to get rid of their things. But as we go through life, we know that things can get more complicated as we get older. That’s why we really want to help older people. Time passing doesn’t have to mean having too much stuff around. So, we’re happy to give senior citizens a special 10% discount. This discount doesn’t depend on how many things you have to throw away. It’s a nice thing we do, and we don’t go over $100 with it. This way, managing your things is easy and doesn’t cost too much.

Getting older can make things harder in some unexpected ways. To make it easier to clean up, we have a good way to help. Our team is trained to make it simple to change from messy spaces to nice ones. We really care about seniors, and that’s why we made this discount. It’s a way to help you not feel stressed about getting rid of things.

But we have even more good things. We’re really excited to tell you about our new idea. We made a special 25% discount for picking up just one item. So, if you have one thing you want to get rid of, it’s cheaper than before. Before, it was $125, but now it’s only $99. This new offer shows how much we want to help you easily and without spending too much.

If you search for “junk removal near me,” you’ll find us in your area. Our goal is to help you make your place nicer and give you a good deal. With us, you don’t need to worry about lots of stuff or paying a lot to get rid of things.

How Our Process Works


Situated conveniently in Puyallup, our dedicated junk removal company stands ready to provide top-notch services to meet your needs. When it comes to transparency, we’ve got you covered. We proudly extend the option of in-person estimates, ensuring that you’re fully informed about the anticipated cost of your junk removal venture. The intricacies of pricing hinge on various factors, including the volume, weight, and specific location of the junk and debris you’re seeking to have hauled away. Moreover, it’s important to note that our pricing structure is intricately tied to the nature of the service you opt for – consider, for instance, the distinction between a garage cleanout and the removal of a hot tub.

Initiating the process is seamless. You’re invited to arrange a complimentary junk removal estimate, designed to provide you with clarity regarding the financial aspect. By viewing your junk and unwanted items in person, we’re able to furnish you with an accurate and tailored junk removal cost. This personalized approach underscores our commitment to ensuring that you’re not left in the dark when it comes to the financial implications of decluttering.

As you embark on your journey toward a clutter-free space, remember that convenience is paramount. A simple online search for “junk removal near me” will guide you to our company’s location in Puyallup. From there, you’ll be able to explore the range of services we offer, all while being assured of the dedication we invest in providing transparent and tailored solutions. Whether it’s a comprehensive garage cleanout or the removal of an old hot tub, our pricing structure takes into account the specifics that matter most to you. With the option of an in-person estimate, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your junk removal needs.

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Junk Removal Appointment

Once you’ve successfully scheduled your appointment, it’s important to note that a helpful reminder will be dispatched to you on the day preceding your set appointment. This additional touch ensures that your arrangements remain firmly on your radar. Beyond this, as we gear up to set our wheels in motion, we’ll be sure to reach out to you once we’re en route. This proactive communication approach also includes sharing a precise estimated time of our arrival, allowing you to plan your day seamlessly.

Speaking of our comprehensive home junk removal services, rest assured that convenience takes center stage. The beauty lies in the fact that you needn’t fret about lifting a finger. Our service encompasses it all – from the moment you place your junk removal needs in our capable hands, there’s no need to concern yourself with the physical aspect. What’s more, the pricing structure encompasses not just the service itself, but also the invaluable labor required to expertly haul away your accumulated junk. This holistic approach to service provision showcases our dedication to ensuring your experience is not only hassle-free but also economically sound.

As you embark on this journey of streamlining your living space, it’s worth noting that your convenience is our priority. By conducting a simple online search for “junk removal near me,” you can effortlessly discover our presence and explore the plethora of services we offer. From timely reminders and real-time notifications about our arrival to the promise of effortless junk removal, our commitment to elevating your experience remains unwavering. Rest easy knowing that every step of the way, from appointment to completion, we’re here to cater to your needs with efficiency and care.


Once you’ve agreed upon the offered price, the next step involves efficiently removing your junk directly from your home. As a seamless continuation of our service, this step takes place before our departure. It’s important to highlight that our process extends beyond mere removal – we meticulously sort through the debris we’ve gathered. This meticulous sorting process serves multiple purposes, ensuring that not only clutter is cleared but potential valuables and items of use are also identified.

Within this sorting endeavor, should we come across items that possess the potential for donation, our commitment to responsible disposal becomes evident. Such items find a purposeful second life through donations to local centers that cater to those in need. The noteworthy list of organizations includes familiar names such as Goodwill, Desert Industries, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul. These respected entities work tirelessly to redistribute goods for the betterment of the community.

Incorporating this compassionate element into our process echoes our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. If you wish to partake in this endeavor, a quick search for “junk removal near me” will guide you to our services. This, in turn, allows you to contribute to decluttering your own space and bettering the wider community. By entrusting us with your junk removal needs, you become part of a cycle that benefits you and those who may find value in what you’ve chosen to let go.


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On time, prompt and very professional. We love hiring with Jenny & Johnny because we know they always follow through with our requests!
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From my initial call to the pickup of our junk, the process was seamless. Communication was excellent and the price was fair and what we expected. We will definitely use this service again; and recommend to our friends.
Markus Charboneau
Great all around. Quick communication. Friendly, easy to work with. Perfect for what we needed. Hauled away items heavy/large items that I couldn’t throw in the trash. Great company, we will refer people their way and use them again in the future! Thank you Busy Bees!
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Called Johnny for a clean out at a Client's house. He showed up right on time and was quick and professional as well as his Employees. Highly recommend his Services and I will be using his Services in the future.
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Zack, Rob, Danny were on time professional and pleasant. They expeditiously loaded the junk and organized the remaining items for a return pick up. Zack told me up front what the cost would be and approximated the amount and number of trips to finish the job. I highly recommend these guys! I APPRECIATE THEIR HARD WORK!
Dancing Deb
Excellent professional service. On time sameday pickup. I highly recommend Busy Bee Junk Removal
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Rob and Zach were very professional and did much more. I insisted on them not having to pick up the little trash we had from the loads they already took. Johnny you got some awesome workers. Definitely recommend you guys services 1000% Quick, friendly and professional.

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