Mattress Removal Services over Curbside Pickup?


Mattress removal is essential after our mattress can no longer offer a good comfortable night’s sleep for our well-being. Meanwhile, a soft, comfortable mattress plays a big role in achieving that. However, when your mattress becomes old, or the box spring is broken, it’s probably time to bid farewell to your trusty sleep companion. A worn-out mattress disturbs your sleep patterns and can result in back pain and insomnia.


So, buying a brand-new mattress is a good decision. But what to do with the old one? You can’t throw it out with the trash. You might be considering going for the easy route with curbside pickup. But hold on a sec! There is an alternative option for you that provides a hassle-free experience and offers several additional benefits – mattress removal services!


In this article, we will explore why choosing mattress removal services over curbside pickup is the smart choice for getting rid of your old mattress. Trust me; you won’t regret it! Let’s discuss why you should use mattress removal services instead.


Difference Between Mattress Removal Services and Curbside Pickup


Before diving into our main topic, let’s look at what mattress removal and curbside pickup services are. Both of these offer you the services of unwanted mattress disposal.


Curbside pickup service allows you to place unwanted mattresses at the curbside or designated pickup area on some scheduled day. Then the waste management team will collect the mattresses and other trash or bulky items. Moreover, you have to follow specific guidelines before disposing of your mattress, such as wrapping the mattress in plastic or using mattress bags to protect against contamination or pests.


On the other hand, mattress removal services offer you the professional removal and disposal of mattresses from homes, offices, hotels, or any other location. They handle the heavy lifting, loading the mattress onto their truck, and ensuring that your mattress is disposed of properly according to local regulations. And what’s more? While hiring a mattress disposal company, you don’t need to struggle with stairs, juggle with walls, and drive several miles with a mattress tied to the roof of your car.


6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Mattress Removal Services over Curbside Pickup


1. Convenience at Your Doorstep


The first advantage of hiring a mattress removal company is it brings convenience to your doorstep. Unlike a curbside pickup, where you have to drag that bulky mattress to the curb or wait for the elusive garbage truck, mattress removal services come right to your place. Their team can handle all the heavy lifting like old mattresses, broken box springs, unwanted bed frames, and headboards from your home. Believe us, it will leave you stress-free, carefree, and also pain-free back. So, you can easily forget about hauling that heavy, cumbersome mattress all by yourself.


2. Expertise and Proper Handling


Unfortunately, mattresses can be a pain to maneuver, especially if you’re dealing with a king-size or memory foam marvel. So, it can be a bit challenging for you to take it to the curbside. On the contrary, mattress removal services have the expertise to handle all types of mattresses, from spring to hybrid and everything in between. They know the tricks of the trade, have the necessary equipment, and, most importantly, have experienced manpower!


Wait, that’s not all. Instead of waiting for curbside pickup on specific days or dealing with scheduling conflicts, mattress removal services provide flexible service to fit your schedule. Who has time to wait around for curbside pickup on specific days? Not you, right?


3. Environmentally Friendly Disposal


Tossing a mattress to the curb will likely end up in a landfill. As you know, all junk on the curb is deposited nearby in the forest or dump, which takes up valuable space and contributes to environmental harm. An estimated 40 million mattresses are disposed of yearly — and most go directly to the overburdened landfills.


But do not worry when you have hired mattress disposal services! They often prioritize eco-friendly practices such as mattress recycling. First, they will dismantle your mattress – separating recyclable and reusable material to minimize waste. About 85% of mattresses can be turned again into other household products. This is amazing! Isn’t it?


Furthermore, instead of your mattress ending up in a sad landfill, they put their maximum efforts into recycling and giving it a new life. So, it’s possibly a win-win situation: you get rid of your mattress responsibly without upsetting the planet.


4. Compliance with Local Regulations


Did you know that some areas have strict regulations regarding mattress disposal? Curbside pickup may not always adhere to these rules, making you sticky. However, mattress removal services are well-versed in local regulations and will ensure your mattress is disposed of promptly. Therefore, if you hire a mattress disposal company, then you can rest assured that your mattress will be disposed of properly accordingly to local laws.


5. Safe and Damage-Free Removal


Curbside pickup may require you to drag your mattress through narrow hallways. As you know, mattresses can harbor allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs. According to The Sleep Foundation, these pathogens may cause many allergic responses, such as dry cough, sneezing, nasal congestion, watery eyes, and a runny nose. This means dragging a mattress through your home can bring an allergic disaster. So, you probably need a trained staff who can remove your mattress safely without leaving a trail of destruction behind.


In addition, if you don’t risk damaging your walls or your precious carpets, let your mattresses handle them with a professional mattress removal service. They are truly experienced in their work and are aware of removing mattresses without damaging your property. They take proper precautions to avoid spreading any unwanted critters or contaminants.


6. Additional Junk Removal Services


While curbside pickup focuses solely on mattress disposal, mattress removal services often offer additional junk removal services. It’s like a two-for-one deal! If you have other unwanted items or clutter, you can use these services to declutter your home effectively. They understand that each customer’s needs differ and provide customized solutions accordingly.


Moreover, if your mattress is still in decent shape, why not spread some love? Many mattress removal services have partnerships with local charities. They can donate your mattress to someone in need. Put simply, by choosing mattress removal services, you’re not just disposing of a mattress; you’re creating a small ripple of kindness.



The Best Mattress Recycling In Puyallup


An old worn-out mattress is one of the heaviest junk items you want to eliminate. Besides, they are bulky and awkward to move; they aren’t things you can throw or dump anywhere.


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