Junk hauling cost varies depending on the type of junk you’re hauling, the size and weight of the items, and where they are located.

Getting rid of unwanted furniture and household items is one of the most common types of junk removal, and it can cost between $160 and $850 to get them hauled away. Mattresses, bookcases, and other household items might only cost $60 or $75 to remove, while large pieces of furniture such as entertainment centers and sectional sofas could cost more than $100 to dispose of.

Electronic waste is another category that can have an impact on junk hauling costs.

Commercial junk disposal is another option for businesses that want to get rid of excess equipment or other waste. Usually, the cost of commercial junk removal will be less than that of residential junk hauling.

Eco-friendly junk removal companies will try to recycle as much as possible. They’ll also donate or ship items to charities that can put them to good use.

Junk hauling cost will primarily be based on the volume you take up in the dump truck. The state and town where you live can also play a role in the overall cost of removing junk, as well as permit fees.

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