Whether you are looking to hire a construction hauling service for your home, office, or commercial property, it’s important to consider what costs to expect. The following discussion will explain, in detail, what are construction clean-up service costs. 

You can expect costs of around $450 on the construction clean-up of an average-sized residential home. However, the costs can be much higher or lower depending on your specific situation. Your location, accessibility to the floors, internal structures, and other factors influence these prices.

Proper junk and trash removal are essential to make your house inhabitable after construction work. With a bit of a strategy, you can significantly lower the service costs and enjoy a fresh and healthy home.


What Are Construction Clean-Up Service Costs


Post-Construction Junk Removal Price Estimates

For a small residential home, post-construction hauling services can cost from $200 to $700. Prices are higher for large commercial buildings. If you hire a professional construction hauling company, you can save money and time.

The average price for construction hauling is around $0.10 – $0.50 per square foot. Factors like the type of building, services required, and the number of hours spent hauling determine these prices. 

Commercial construction hauling prices vary depending on the size of the building and the services required. A commercial post-construction hauling job may include window and door hauling, junk removal, and power washing. A local junk and waste removal service often perform these tasks.

Different Phases Of Construction Clean-up 

Construction hauling has three main phases: rough, fine, and touch-up. 

Rough hauling removes the bulk of debris, such as paint and stickers. It also involves vacuuming and dusting. Fine hauling removes the remaining dust and debris.

After the initial post-construction hauling is complete, the space is ready to move in. However, if you prefer to keep the space tidy over time, you may consider adding extra detail hauling for carpets, windows, and tile floors.

Touch-up hauling is typically done a week after the first clean. This includes sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. In some areas, additional fees are charged per square foot.

Professional Junk Removal Services VS. Self Cleaning 

Depending on your project’s area and location, costs can be higher or lower than in other regions. Some companies offer discounts for larger commercial hauling projects. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, it is important to note that this is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Hauling a construction site requires special supplies and equipment. The most commonly used equipment is a HEPA system vacuum cleaner, but these are costly. Other tools and supplies include stain removers, high-powered vacuums, and power cleaners.

Construction hauling is a messy, labor-intensive task. However, a skilled contractor can make the process easy and painless. To ensure you get the best deal, compare a few companies to see which can meet your budget and needs.


How Is Rough cleaning Different From Final Cleaning

When hauling up after construction, you have two basic options: Rough hauling and final hauling. The cost of each depends on the type of building and the amount of work done. It also depends on what services are included in the hauling.

Rough Cleaning Costs

Rough hauling is usually handled by the general contractor, while the final hauling is often left up to the owner. While the average homeowner pays about $650 to clean an average-sized home, professional cleaners can charge up to three times as much. Aside from the initial hauling costs, the price may increase if you hire additional hauling services.

During the rough clean phase, the crew will remove a lot of the debris and leftovers from the construction site. This includes sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. They will also wash windows and floors. Depending on the size of the project, this process can cost from $0.10 to $0.15 per square foot.

Final Cleaning Costs

The final phase is more detailed. Large commercial buildings can cost anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 per square foot. 

The most important steps in this process include hauling window sills and doors and washing the interior walls and windows. Usually, the crew will use specialized tools and equipment to get the job done.

Aside from the typical dusting and wiping, this phase will also involve the removal of stains and stickers. Finally, the crew will do a more thorough job sweeping and hauling the ceiling fans, floors, and walls. 

If you’re planning to hire a post-construction hauling company, choose a company that uses high-quality hauling supplies. These are crucial to leave your house looking clean and fresh.

Final hauling is often an expensive and time-consuming task. In addition to the costs associated with scrubbing the floors and hauling the windows, you will need to rent more advanced tools and equipment. You will also have to wait for the dust to settle before you begin.

Generally, the best way to do this is to hire a professional. Hauling experts know the pitfalls and the right equipment to use.


Factors That Influence Construction Clean-up Prices 

As you can see, construction hauling prices can vary according to several factors. When you understand these properly, you can easily manipulate them and reduce some of the costs. 

The Type and Location of the Property

Mid-sized residential home waste costs much less to haul than bigger commercial spaces. Accessibility plays an important role too. For instance, if your home has one single accessible ground floor, it would cost way less than complex multi-storied houses. 

Location is another crucial factor that influences your construction hauling costs. For instance, the average price of post-construction junk and trash removal in states like Utah and Florida rarely exceeds 500$. In contrast, the service charges in New York, California, and Missouri often climb up to 700$.

Number Of Services 

Post construction clean–up isn’t limited to only one service. Depending on your home, the crew might have to perform more than just the three hauling phases. 

Suppose you have a 2000-square-foot home in a location where the rough and final hauling costs are around  0.15 per square foot. In that case, your total bill comes to around 600$. 

But that isn’t the end of it. Your home still has windows, carpets and the HVAC systems left to be cleaned. Plus, you may also want to wax and buff your floors. 

Each window can cost around 7$ to clean. Carpet hauling charges usually start from 100$ and only go upwards. And expect to spend 300$ or more if your home has an HVAC system. Waxing your floors can cost around 1$ per square foot.

The Hired Company

The company you hire to do the job greatly influences the final bill. Some cleaners, like Busy Bees Junk Removal, are keen on reducing costs as much as possible. Meanwhile, other money-grabbing companies can conjure a complex itemized bill and charge much more for the same services. 

Therefore, you must choose your junk removal service wisely. Google has made this process easier than ever before. Simply type in ‘trash removal companies near me,’ and local search results will show you a list of available services in your area. Compare their prices to reach a decision. 

Looking to have your construction site cleaned up. Contact Busy Bees Junk Removal for your junk removal service, we are your local veteran family company.. This tells you that the company is well-organized and has accountability. Meanwhile, hiring a shady crew puts you at risk of theft and robbery.  

The company of your choice should also have a well-maintained website that clearly states its services and respective charges. 

Sometimes stating explicit charges can be difficult due to the various factors at play. In that case, there should be responsive customer service that can instantly quote a  price depending on your situation. 



If you reside in Pierce and South King counties, Busy Bees will readily pop up on your local search results when you type in ‘construction clean-up service near me.’  We aim to render the most well-rounded service at the best construction clean-up prices. Contact our customer service for more information.



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