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Who is the best junk haulers near me?

When you use Busy Bees Junk Removal, we like to think of ourselves as the best junk haulers in the local area because whether you live in North End Tacoma or downtown Puyallup. We will provide you with affordable and professional service, and the best part you are supporting a local veteran business. Especially if you need us to pick up a single appliance or a truckload of unwanted items that are considered junk, we can help. We also give back to our local community and donate to our



What junk haulers near me do?

Junk haulers are individuals, typically two on a crew, that come out to your home and provide an on-site junk removal quote. The individuals will physically load your junk and unwanted debris into their dump truck or trailer and haul the load to the local dump.

We celebrated our employees at PGP Motorsport Park in the Auburn, WA area. 

How do junk haulers work?

Junk haulers work on a team of two or more people. They will use additional equipment, including dump trucks and trailers, to clean up and haul away unwanted items fast and efficiently. At Busy Bees Junk Removal, we can take just about anything. Our junk hauling services include disposing of non-hazardous material, which our two strong crew members can lift. This includes a variety of household and workplace junk, such as mattresses, furniture, electronics, appliances, televisions, exercise equipment, and more. We do not dispose of paint, chemicals, or commercial light bulbs. If you need to dispose of unwanted items considered hazardous waste, you can drop them off at Tacoma Recovery & Transfer Center if you live in the Tacoma area.

Who is the best junk haulers near me?

We like to think we are the best junk haulers near me. Tipping junk haulers is not expected, but the crew does appreciate it.

On average, most of our customers tip the crews, which is why we like to think we are the best junk haulers near me. If the crew worked hard to remove your junk and were able to make the experience enjoyable, it’s appreciated.

Another way to tip the crew is by leaving a 5-star google review for them if that’s your experience with Busy Bees Junk Removal.

How do I get rid of a ton of junk?

When you have a ton of junk, call Busy Bees Junk Removal, or when you search on Google for junk haulers near me, we will pop up as your local junk haulers that full-service junk removal.  The junk removal price you are quoted will include all the labor and disposal fees associated with cleaning up the debris.

Our crew will haul away furniture, appliances, tires, electronics, large cabinets, and more. Busy Bees Junk Removal will donate and recycle when we can before unwanted are disposed of at the dump.

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