The demand for junk removal services is continually increasing as the average American moves every five years and has an increasing amount of junk to get rid of. Moreover, the Baby Boomers are aging and downsizing and adding to the need for junk removal services. The recession is another factor contributing to the increased demand for junk removal services. While many homeowners take on the work themselves, foreclosures and other economic issues are increasing the number of homeowners who need help with junk removal.

Yard waste removal is a seasonal process

Residential yard waste collection is available to city residents during the months of April through November. Residents should place yard waste in a biodegradable yard waste bag, and put it in the yard waste cart for pickup. The yard waste cart must have a yard waste sticker on it. Residents can purchase yard waste stickers online, or find a yard waste cart service that will pick up their yard waste for a fee. Yard waste is classified as leaves, grasses, weeds, and other garden debris.

Residents can sign up for e-newsletters to learn more about city yard waste pick-up services. Residents can also opt to have their yard waste collected on their regular waste and recycling collection days. Additionally, some cities schedule annual curbside clean-up days and allow residents to sign up for one-time pick-up.

Renting a dumpster for longer jobs

If you plan to keep your project going for a long time, you’ll probably need to rent a bigger dumpster. Although most rental companies will accept one-day rental agreements, many are flexible and will let you extend your rental period. Extra days are generally priced around $5 to $10 per day, and they kick in once your contract expires. Some companies also require a certain minimum length of rental, and short-term rentals will not be eligible for discounted delivery or pick-up.

The cost of renting a dumpster may be higher than you think. Keep in mind that dumping fees are set by the landfill, and you may be responsible for paying them in addition to the rental fee. Additionally, if your project produces a lot of hazardous waste, you’ll have to pay extra fees to have it disposed of properly. It is also necessary to monitor the contents of your dumpster to prevent any accidents.

Cost of hiring a junk removal company

Junk removal companies charge a variety of prices. Most use volume-based pricing. This is the most common method, and it can be based on a fraction of a truckload, ranging from a minimum to a full truckload. A professional team can accurately estimate the price based on the volume of your load, but a less experienced team may misquote the volume.

National junk removal companies tend to charge more than smaller companies. This is because they have the necessary equipment to perform more work. They also tend to use multiple people to complete a job, so they can charge more per hour. Additionally, customers are willing to pay more if the junk is outside. Having the junk outside can save you from the boot marks on your carpet.

Junk removal companies may be able to pick up donated items for free. This option will also reduce the amount of junk that enters landfills. Depending on the type of removal needed, the cost of hiring a junk removal company can range from $160 to over $750. Large, heavy items like mattresses and rolled carpeting will cost more, as they require additional labor. However, many companies offer discounts for larger jobs.